Thank you for expressing an interest in my design services. Below is a brief description of my design services. Should you decide to pursue working with me I can provide a more detailed description of the process of steering a building project from design sketches through construction.

The basic goal of my design practice is to design and oversee the construction of houses that meet the needs of the family in the most efficient and harmonious way, that take the best advantage of site conditions by the design and placement of the building and that crafts together the elements of the house in a way that is true to the nature of the site and the construction materials used.

Because I am interested in the best possible outcome in the construction of the home I only take on projects where the client desires my full services as an architect overseeing the project from its conception to completion.

My overall fees may be determined one of two ways depending on the nature of the project:
As a percentage of the cost of construction.
On an hourly basis.

To get started I recommend that we schedule a one to two hour consultation preferably at the building site during which you can describe the project to me and get some immediate feedback and ideas from me at the same time that we are assessing how we might work together. For that phase I would bill my time at my hourly rate.

Please let me know if you are interested in talking more and we can schedule a time to meet.