The path that led me to architecture was a circuitous one. Once I finished my undergraduate degree in Sociology, I pursued a variety of experiences which included, among other things, guiding whitewater trips on the world class rivers of West Virginia and building acoustic guitars. During those years I was also learning the carpentry and building skills that landed me in the field of custom home construction. All these experiences plus a lifelong love of music added up to a trip back to the academic world and a master’s degree in architecture. Good design is like a marriage of music and structure.

My projects have been primarily in the mid-Atlantic region but I have worked as far north as designing  a vacation home in New Brunswick, Canada and as far south as Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas.
In 1992 my partner Russell Skinner and I formed Abbot Skinner Architects. Russell also came to architecture after swinging a hammer for a few years. We feel that practical experience gave us an advantage in working with builders and we take pride in forming a good working partnership between the client, builder and architect from the onset of a project.